How to place an order

How to place an Order on

Follow the particular link on how to order and proceed step by step according to the instructions given.

Step 1

Survey the respective products and further add these to your shopping bag. Here the number of your selected products will be stored as you progress with your shopping.

  • Pick the item
  • Go for the ‘ ADD TO CART’ button
  • Follow the link ‘VIEW CART’.
  • Positively make sure about all the information you have given regarding your product, quantity, prices recorded in your shopping cart.

Step 2

Go ahead and Checkout

  • Select on ‘CHECKOUT’ button after clarifying all the products you want to purchase
  • You can also opt for any discount related procedure that you might have at this stage by selecting the option i.e. ‘Apply Discount Code’
  • After following the above step you can move on to proceed to checkout option.

Step 3

Information regarding emails and shipment procedure

  • If you are already a member of, then you can directly login with your personal id.
  • If you want to be associated with this online shopping store and purchasing for the first time, you can proceed as a guest and naturally you will be registered.
  • Don’t forget to mention your recipient address with correct contact number where they will receive your product.
  • Billing and shipping address are considered to be similar, but if you choose to have a different shipping address, then choose the option ‘Ship to Different Address’.
  • In wanting to establish a new account, select the option box and enter the respective password.

Step 4

Step ahead to payment method

  • Go for the option Online Bank transmission through Paypal with use of Credit, Debit card
  • As soon as you click the option for Credit/Debit or Net Banking, you will be averted to Transaction number will be provided to you.
  • At the end you will be informed through a message or an email from about the confirmation of your specific order.